Hello, I’m Matt, a woodworking CPA

My name is Matt and I am a woodworking CPA.

That’s right, my real job is in the finance/accounting field. It is a combination of the desk job and having four (beautiful) daughters that drove me further and further down the woodworking rabbit hole! The majority of my woodworking and shop time comes at night after my girls are in bed or occasionally on the weekends on the rare occasion I can get them all (or whichever combination I’m responsible for at the moment) to stay focused long enough for some shop time.

While I believe woodworking is in my genes, I also believe it is easy enough that anyone can do it!

My great grandfather was a carpenter who spent his time building and fixing houses, with nothing but hand tools! I’m lucky enough to have acquired a good bit of his old tools that I enjoy using at every chance I get. For as long as I can remember, I have been a tinkerer, builder, DIY-type. My dad used to flip houses before it was the cool thing to do. He would carry me with him to these run down fixer-uppers and give me small tasks that looking back were probably designed just to keep me out of his hair, but taught me a sense of hard work and accomplishment that comes from working with your hands.

Speaking of hands, I think I still have blisters from the concrete porch steps my dad had me bust apart with a sledge hammer that weighed as much as I did at one of these fixer-upper’s!

While my dad was the ignition of this maker-desire within me, my wife was the fuel.

For Christmas 2015, I decided to make most of the Christmas gifts we were giving to family. This accomplished several things; less stress for shopping on my wife, more thoughtful gifts, and an excuse to get in the shop! These gifts included a reclaimed wood American flag, painted wood North Carolina flags, an outdoor wood cooler cart, a wood pallet wine rack, several pallet wood trays, and probably a few more I’m forgetting. I posted these items on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts after the gifts were given and received a great response from my friends and family (especially the gift recipients).

My wife, a photographer, was no stranger to social media marketing and convinced me to try to grow my audience and possibly try to sell some products. This is probably a decision she regrets to this day, but I went for it!

I started with Etsy and quickly expanded to other areas.

I started by listing a few items on Etsy in early 2016 before growing bored and deciding to reach out for a bigger audience on Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I sold a few items on Etsy and Amazon, but really found my groove with Instagram. I was enjoying the woodworking community on there sharing and learning from others while also growing my potential customer base. This was around the time I decided to focus primarily on cutting boards being my main products. With Instagram I could focus on growing my potential customer base of chefs, home cooks, knife enthusiasts, and restaurants. This worked well and I grew to over 15,000 Instagram followers in about a years time. I kind of group my Instagram in two groups, the potential customer base of those mentioned previously and then the awesome woodworking/maker community.

And here I grow again…..

So Instagram is by far my favorite media outlet as both a user and content creator. I’ve now decided to change things up a bit and focus a little more on content creation and sharing what little woodworking knowledge I have with others. I will still make some commissioned pieces, probably mostly high-end custom end grain cutting boards, but plan to slow down a bit on this aspect. This will allow me to be a bit more flexible with deadlines, shop time, and everything that goes a long with that. This blog is my first attempt at this “new” venture of content creation. I’m going to see how it goes and possibly venture into the Youtube world (even though I’m probably a few years late on that). I’m not sure exactly what my ultimate goal is, but I’m having fun and funding a few new tools a long the way.

Thanks for following along!

Please let me know any questions or suggestions you have for content, I would love to hear from you all.