Revenue and Expense Tracking for Makers

This tool is highly effective at providing a user-friendly format to track all of the transactions of your business. Whether your revenue comes from Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate links, YouTube, product sales, appearance fees, or any combination of these sources, you’ll find this tool useful in simplifying your back-office routine to allow more time to make awesome things!

Disclosure: as a CPA myself, this offering is not intended to offer financial, accounting, or tax advice

I personally use this tool to track all of my business transactions. I do not use Quickbooks or any other expensive and complicated accounting software. This tool is set-up to track your revenue and expenses and report on a cash-basis. This makes it very easy come tax time! I simply use this sheet to input into my tax returns, that’s it! If you do not prepare your own taxes, your CPA will greatly appreciate you handing over the data in this format and will probably reduce your fees if you ask!

Here is a quick look at the worksheets within this spreadsheet:

  1. Introduction – Overview and detailed instructions
  2. Input – For customizing your categories and business details
  3. Dashboard – Easy to read line and bar graphs monitoring your business performance
  4. Profit and Loss Summary – A clear and concise look at your P&L by month and in total
  5. Sales and Revenue – User-friendly format for entering revenue transactions
  6. Fees and Expenses – User-friendly format for entering expense transactions
  7. Data – Easy-to-read tables for analyzing and totaling categories for business analysis and tax input

As always, I am available to answer any questions you may have!